Slot Machines With The Highest Returns (RTP): Which One Is The Best To Play?

Slot machine RTP

In every popular online casino, visitors can find hundreds of quality slots from trusted developers. Most of them will differ, both thematically and in terms of returns. It is the payback rate that theoretically determines how much money the user will be able to get back by the end of the gaming session. Each slot machine has an indicator of RTP, which greatly facilitates the search for the most profitable games.

Keep in mind that the return rate is a theoretical indicator that does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the figure provided by the developer. Even if to choose a slot with a 99% return rate (in a long term), there will always be a chance that the player will suffer a loss of more than 1% if a slot is used for a short period of time. For games with a, for example, RTP rate of 90% or lower there will always be a  higher chance of getting a big jackpot

Confusing? For this reason, we will talk about different slots and payout mechanisms in this article.

Apart from the payout rate, slot machines have another important parameter, which is volatility, and this will also be taken into account in the ranking of the best slot machines. Volatility is the line between the payout amount and the playing frequency required to get this payout.

What is Return To Player (RTP) And What Does It Affect?

RTP or Return To Player is the percentage of the amount that will be returned to the player in a long term, set by the developer for each game. It has a direct impact on how we play, as trying to win is what any slot machine is made for. As already stated in the introduction, this figure is theoretical, so when choosing a game you should not rely on it only. It will be just a good bonus if the game you like has a high RTP rate.

Can I Choose A Slot With A Record Return Rate?

Anyone can choose the game that has the highest RTP. The question is whether this is worth it because a high RTP does not guarantee a successful outcome. It is only a reference, which together with other parameters will tell the player how suitable this choice is. It is possible to choose a game with a record RTP because this information is publicly available. Moreover, the user will not have to waste time looking for it. 

RTP is always displayed right in the game, on the “help” page. It is where the player will find the following information: “Approximate RTP level”.

The higher the percentage, the higher the probability of winning big. However, you should always remember that the same game may behave differently at different times. If the goal is solely to win and make money, then it is advisable to use several games from different software providers instead of just one or two from the same one. That way, even if a slot with a very high RTP doesn’t work well for you, there will be nothing to stop you from trying another game, maybe with a lower theoretical but higher practical payout.

A Few Words About Volatility

Volatility is another parameter that you can use to find a slot machine that meets your expectations in terms of profitability. Volatility can be low, medium or high.

Low volatility implies that payouts will be lower, but will be happening much more often than with games that have high volatility. High volatility – large but infrequent winnings. Average volatility is exactly what the name suggests. The higher the volatility of a slot machine, the higher the risks, but these risks will pay off if you are lucky. If you need stability and a calm gambling session, in this case, the machine with low volatility is suitable. To find the golden mean, it is enough to choose a game with medium volatility. For players who love to risk and win big, go for games with high volatility.

Some casinos allow you to organize your game selection by volatility!

Unlike RTP, volatility is not a theoretical indicator, but it is important to remember that high, medium or low volatility does not guarantee a consistent match either, because all slot machines run on a random number generator (RNG).

How Do I Find Slot Machines With A High RTP?

Here we are going to talk more about the human factor. The more gamblers use such slot machines, the more players find out about it and start to actively exploit such games. Consequently, if a user wants to find a slot machine with the highest payout, it is usually enough to check the most popular ones in rankings. To do this, simply sort the games in the range of online casino by popularity.

The first positions in the list will be the most popular ones. Game rating is usually based on the frequency and amounts of winnings, but a lot also depends on the casino itself, so it’s important to choose not only the machines that are popular in a particular casino but the ones that are popular with players in general. Obviously, in the gambling community, the machines that rarely lead to success will not be in high demand. 

High RTP – A Recipe For Success?

High RTP does not guarantee big or small winnings. In the first place, the player should choose a machine that s/he is interested in. Of course, it is important to take the RTP percentage into account too, but do not make it a priority. RTP should only be used as a reference point. Experienced players usually do the following: if the machine is “not a right choice” at the moment, they replace it or its provider, moving on to the next game, until they find the one that is now giving the expected results.

When And Who Should Play High RTP Slots?

If you are trying to make money, in this case, there is no point in searching for the machines that would work well for you in terms of themes and gameplay. For this purpose, you should run only the games with the highest RTP. However, if getting fun out of the process is more important to you, then it’s better to choose machines according to all preferences.

It is also important to consider the point that has already been touched upon above. The machines with high RTP rate are often the most popular ones. These machines tend to become such not only because of the winnings that players get. Often the popular games are good in everything, so we can safely say that the games with high returns can be recommended to everyone, even if we are talking about beginners. However, you don’t have to compare every possible game in terms of RTP percentage. Moreover, below is an example of pretty good games that are known for generous winnings players regularly get.

Slot Machines With A High Return Rate

Here is an example of slot machines that have proven themselves in terms of winnings. The RTP and volatility rates of these games are well adjusted so that each player can count on a successful gaming session. The Top 5 Generous Games, that the reader can check out right now, are some of the most popular in the gaming community, not only because of consistent payouts but also because of the exciting gameplay that the professionals have worked on.

Top 5 Most Profitable And Popular Games Of 2021:

  • Hotline. A slot machine from Swedish software developer NetEnt, dedicated to the theme of robbery. There are 30 paylines and 6 main symbols available in addition to the main characters, i.e. robbers, and jewelry. To get 7 free spins, the player will need to catch 3 to 5 Scatter symbols. Similar to the free spins are the free re-spins that give you one more free spin if the expanding Wild symbol in the form of a red supercar appears on the playing field. Another feature of Hotline is the ability to activate 1, 2, or all 3 reels at once to lower your bet or increase your chances of combining the expanding symbols. The design of Hotline will immerse you in retro Miami: palm trees, old music, and the fashion of those years.
  • Big Bad Wolf, a game from Quickspin. You can determine the game plot by its name, at least partially. The slot machine is dedicated to the confrontation between piggy farms and evil wolves. It will appeal to all lovers of nature. Start with the bonus offer for consecutive wins – the more wins in a row you get, the more piglets will turn into wild ones with a special Wild symbol. The two bonuses in the Big Bad Wolf are available at once: 10 free spins and the Blowing House bonus mini-game. Another feature of the Big Bad Wolf is that after each win the game gets updated with new symbols, greatly increasing the chances of a new win. Users can activate up to 25 pay lines. The quality of graphics and animation is at a very high level.
  • Money Train. This game is the record holder in the list of slots with the largest winnings. Currently, the record is around x50,000 in the bonus round. The game’s plot is centered around the Wild West and train robbers. You can simply trigger the spins or get a bonus. The bonus offer is the main difference between Money Train from Relax Gaming Studios. When the bonus round starts, the player will have 3 attempts to catch at least one symbol, which can be a regular multiplier or a special reward. Catching at least one symbol is required to renew the number of attempts to 3. So, theoretically, the game can drag on indefinitely, which is definitely to the player’s advantage.
  • Midas Golden Touch. A slot machine from the software developer Thunderkick Studios. The game makes it possible for you to win up to x10.100 more. The design is dedicated to Greek mythology. There are several special symbols available: a replacement symbol, a scatter symbol, and a bonus symbol. The replacement symbol is not just a Wild. It is a symbol that will replace other symbols; the more the wild symbols in a winning combination, the bigger the multiplier: from x2 to x32. The scatter symbol is an opportunity to get from 10 to 20 free spins. The bonus symbol triggers a prize round with the sticky symbols that make the amount of the winnings fixed, but the rest of the pictures keep spinning. Midas Golden Touch features 15 paylines.
  • Sakura Fortune. Another game from Quickspin, only this time with a Japanese theme, centered around a 4×1 Samurai girl as a replacement of Wild symbol. If 2 girls appear on the reels, the re-spin will start; this is a bonus round. The free spins trigger the scatter symbols to appear on the screen; they can be combined with the Wild. The number of pay lines in the game is 40. This slot is definitely worth trying especially for fans of Japan.

In 2021, you can safely choose any of the above machines, as they have been on the lists of the most popular positions for a long time. Each of these games has a unique yet simple storyline, quality artwork and a few good bonus features.

Advantages Of Slot Machines With High RTP

Better chance to win big. RTP levels of over 95%, medium volatility and high popularity – all this suggests that the slot machines presented in the rating above give a higher chance of a successful gaming session. If you play Hotline, Big Bad Wolf or any other game with a good RTP level, you should be prepared for the possibility of hitting big at any moment.

Guarantee that the machine is interesting. A game with a high RTP is by definition a popular game, chosen by thousands of players around the world. Even if a player prefers a completely different theme, there is a high probability that a popular high return slot machine will be interesting for them too

A lot of add-ons. Over time, you might get tired of everything but not the slot machines with the high returns. The developers have taken care of this, by including many interesting additions into the game. For example, an intriguing bonus round in Money Train, with great animation; or the Wild symbol in Hotline which triggers the Chase. In addition to being spectacular, the add-ons can have a direct impact on the player’s end result in the game.

A player does not need to be experienced or as enlightened as possible on the subject of machines to know what is best to play in order to succeed. It is enough to simply choose what others choose. If a user is already registered at an online casino, all they need to do is open the lobby and sort the games by popularity.

High-return slot machines are always interesting and can be profitable. As time shows, even years later, such games continue to be the most popular among players from all around the world.

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