How to play roulette games in online casinos?

How to play roulette game in online casinos?

Want to play roulette games in an online casino and cash out a potential return? LevelUp is a legit online casino giving you the best selection of roulette games from different providers. Learn how to play and win in roulette by going through our gambling guide. Understand the odds of the game, the different roulette variations, and finally, experience the thrill that comes with roulette games that are available in this casino for both free and real-money play!

What is a roulette game in casinos?

A regular casino player comes across this type of games thanks to their popularity. Since the 17th century, roulette was one of the table games enjoyed in offline casinos. Today, players can now play online casino roulette from several operators including LevelUp. The main reason why people like it is simplicity.

What is a roulette game?

This is a game with a French origin that means ‘little wheel’. The roulette wheel is divided into different numbers, colors, and other sections. There will be 36 numbers and a single 0 on most of the roulette games. However, some American tables will have another section with ‘00’. The colors will range from red, black, and green. A dealer or croupier, in other cases, will have a white ball spinning on the wheel after players have taken their bets. The basic idea behind the game is that a lucky player who predicts where the ball lands on the wheel will be declared a winner.

How are the bets made? Aside from the roulette wheel, a table/betting mat with corresponding numbers on the wheel will be provided. Chips are provided by the croupier and before spinning the wheel, players will indicate their bets on where the ball lands after the wheel stops spinning. This will either be the number, color, or section. At LevelUp casino, a player will only be required to click ‘start’ for the spinning to start. The table will have the numbers 0, 1-36 and few other options as follows:

  • 1st 12
  • 2nd 2
  • 3rd 12
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • Even
  • Odd
  • Red
  • Black

From this, different game bets can be made depending on the odds. The bets are grouped into inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets

These are the types of bets made on the inner section of the table. Their odds of winning will always be low but the best part is that their payouts are high. Here are some of the inside bets:

  • Straight-up—Bet on a single exact number
  • Split—Bet on two numbers
  • Street—Bet on three numbers or having your chip placed on an edge of 3 consecutive numbers (row)
  • Corner/Square—Bet on four numbers or having a chip placed where they intersect
  • Five-number—Available in American roulette and appears on 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3
  • Six-line—Bet on six numbers (chip placed on two neighboring streets)

Outside bets

These are the types of bets made on the outer section with the odds of winning high but lower payouts. They include:

High/low (pays 1:1)—Ball lands 1-18 (high). Ball lands 19-36 (low)
Even/odd (pays 1:1)—All numbers from 1-36
Dozen (pays 2:1)—Bets on either the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12
Red/black (pays 1:1)—Bets on colors
Column (pays 2:1)—Bets on 3 vertical columns with 12 numbers

How many numbers are there in roulette?

The numbers on the roulette differ depending on the version. The popular European roulette will have 37 numbers. This will be 0 and 1-36. However, the American roulette adds another ‘00’ hence, 00, 0, and 1-36 bringing its total to 38 numbers. While it may seem like just a number, there is more to it. American roulette is not the best when it comes to house edge with the ‘00’ increasing the casino advantage. It has its house edge placed at 5.26% while the European roulette has a lower house edge of 2.7%.

What is the best bet in roulette?

House edges play a crucial role in gambling. As a consequence, the best bet is that with the lowest house edge since chances of claiming payouts are guaranteed. In our case, the best bet in roulette is that which is placed on European and French Roulette game with a house edge of 2.7%.

French roulette and some European tables go a step further to introduce two rules that are tailored to help the players. They are:

La Partage Rule

This will be a rule applicable on even-money bets. This rule is triggered if the ball lands on zero. If your bet was placed on any even-money bet, you will have half of your money returned by the casino while it keeps hold of the other half. This goes on to size down the house edge from 2.70% to 1.35%.

En Prison Rule

This is another rule quite similar to La Partage and will also apply to even-money bets. Just like in the previous case, the rule is triggered when the ball lands on the zero section. If the bet placed was on an even-money bet, the money is held in ‘prison’ and as opposed to La Partage, the money here will be taken to the next spin. However, it is important to note that if the next spin loses, the whole bet will be eventually lost. This also gets to reduce the house edge by half from 2.70% to 1.35%.

How do the odds work in roulette?

The best online casino roulette strategy is to understand the odds of the game before playing. With the addition of the ‘00’ slot number on American roulette, the odds of landing on one number for a greater payout are significantly low. This is different with European roulette that has its odds of landing on a single number placed highly. To benefit from this, players should opt for European roulette and French roulette that use the same ‘single 0’ table. Additionally, the rules of minimizing casino advantage apply to them.

Note that different bet types will determine the odds. Inside bets will have lower odds of winning but higher payouts as opposed to outside bets with higher odds of winning but lower payouts. The bet with the highest odds is the straight-up (inside bet) that pays out 35:1. Other odds on the different bet types are as follows:

Inside bets


Outside bets


What number hits the most in roulette?

Gambling is filled with superstitious players and while roulette is a game of chance, many players tend to favor more numbers than others. The online roulette wheel uses RNG (random number generator), an algorithm that negates any predetermined results and instead, achieves randomness and fairness on the results.

However, the number 17 has its legendary status in roulette and is famous for delivering impressive wins in the past, including Mike Ashley, Newcastle United boss, who won $1.3 million AUD, and Sean Connery who won on 17 three (3) times in a row. The number is also at the center of the board and is the most obvious one to bet. Number 7 follows closely.

Is roulette all luck?

Roulette is all about luck. No strategy can change the outcome since the roulette wheel uses RNG algorithms to provide results. Once one understands the basics, they can compete with experienced or inexperienced players.

Can you cheat at roulette?

Cases of cheating in the past have been there. Some of the most common offline cheating methods include:

  • Past posting—Involves changing the bet amount once the outcome has been known.
  • Pinching—Quickly removing the losing chips from the table after the outcome has been known
  • Wheel rigging—Altering the wheel’s normal functioning to favor your winning numbers

However, with RNG employed on online casinos such as LevelUp, it is impossible to cheat.

Examples of roulette games in LevelUp casino

LevelUp has partnered with several major software providers to offer a good selection of roulette games. Moreover, live roulette games that have real dealers/croupiers are available here too. From these live games, the players can expect an experience close to that of an offline casino as they compete against other players.

LevelUp casino bonus

Among the popular roulette games at LevelUp casino include:

  • Roulette
  • Lucky Roulette 500x
  • Roulette Silver
  • Immersive Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
  • 24/7 Live Roulette
  • Portomaso Oracle Roulette

Additionally, American roulette, European roulette, and several French roulette games have also been offered.

Facts about roulette game

  • Roulette is a game of chance and luck and not a game of skill.
  • Roulette game has 37 numbers with American roulette having 38 numbers from the addition of a slot number ‘00’.
  • A player will make a bet on either numbers, colors, or sections where the ivory ball lands.
  • Over 20 different roulette bet types exist classified in two: inside bets and outside bets.
  • European roulette and French roulette are the best roulette bets with the lowest house edge of 2.70%.
  • A player can minimize casino advantage by halving the house edge via two rules applicable in both French and European roulette games. The rules are En Prison and La Partage.

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