Classic slot machines: how do they compare to modern ones?

Classic slot machines in casinos

“Classics are in vogue in all weathers”. The phrase can be applied not only to dinner jackets and overcoats but also to slot machines. Despite the now slightly outdated graphics, classic slot machines are still in huge demand among gamblers. That’s because they’re simple and “reliable”, which is not the case with more recent games. Of course, you can try to find out how good the new ones are, but it might cost you money while playing in legit casinos.

With the classics, everything is quite different – the player runs the slot, selects the bet amount, and immerses him- / herself in the gameplay, with one hundred percent confidence. In percentage terms, the approximate choice of players at the moment looks like this: 70% choose the classics and 30% go for new games. Of course, new slots are not as bad as the words above might suggest. These are the games with often stunning visuals and lots of fresh features, but we’ll talk below about why the classics are better than all of these.

We’ll also talk about the players who might prefer modern slot machines better than the classics of the genre. Especially since even among the new games sometimes there are some worthy of attention. Despite this, the classics are classics. This is something that will not be (and actually is not) forgotten even after 10, 20 and 30 years. There will always be those who prefer the certainty of a result to a new experience.

What is a slot machine classic?

Classical slot machines are commonly referred to as a list of the most popular titles released long before the present day. Classics can be characterised by simple graphics. Because of less advanced technology available back then, the developers had to focus more on other aspects including the financial success of the player. Classic slots can not boast a great picture but can bring large and frequent winnings and bonuses.

Not all games released 10 years ago can be classified as classic slots. Actually, there are quite a few older games that are difficult to classify as such. Some say that the classics of slot machines are a perfect combination of all these features: simple plot and controls, good chance of winning. No one cares that some old slots like for example Book of Ra looks like it was released in a pre-computer era. However of course, if the player’s priority is the image quality – in this case, the choice in favour of modern slots will be fully understood and justified. Despite the outdated graphics, even this can be seen as another advantage, some kind of nostalgia.

The quality of images and sounds of the mechanical slot machine of those times might bring a lot more pleasure for someone than the newest game in 2021. One can argue a lot about the old and the new, but it necessarily comes down to the fact that everyone’s tastes are different. This article is only going to describe why the old slots can still be a good choice, even today.

What are the modern slots?

The first difference between a new slot machine and a classic one is the image quality. The image quality in new and classic games is drastically different. Here again, we can mention one of the most popular slots, The Book of Ra, as it doesn’t involve any unique animation or detailed objects. Another example is the Book of Dead slot machine. The game is similar to the previous one in its theme, but in all other aspects, it’s a completely different slot. The latter example is a game with striking visuals and unusual animations. 

Of course, these are not all the changes. At the very least, another difference has been in the sounds, which are much more realistic in the new games.

Many choose classic games simply out of habit, as modern games are often just as interesting, easy to understand and profitable. Fortunately, figuring out what a player likes better is easy. To do so, all you have to do is make your own comparison of the two categories. Modern slot machines will be more interesting, first of all, for the new generation, those who were born in the 2000s. It’s not just a matter of age. The youth of today is accustomed to using technology and the classic slots are unlikely to be very satisfying.  Players who love colourful pictures in terrific quality should also try the new slots.

Can’t say that modern slots differ from the classic ones just because of the low image quality. Everything has changed completely. Of course, there are exceptions, for example when the game is just an analogue of the old good classic in a modern implementation. In most cases, however, the new games will be radically different from all the old machines. Take a look for example at the Realtime Gaming software provider. It’s hard to explain in words the level of enthusiasm of this studio, so the best decision for every player will be to just try slots from the RTG on their own. The more you try, the more slots seem like something from the next level.

Advantages of classic slot machines

Classic slots machines have two major advantages: Simplicity and winnings frequency. It is these qualities that have made the classic machines genre such a ‘survivor’. If it is important to you that the game is simple and profitable, then you should definitely read the following information.

The simplicity of classic slots games

There are hardly any people on this planet earth who are not able to play the classic slot machines. The only exception might be the elderly, who, due to age, might not understand much. To play the classics, you do not need to have any special knowledge or experience. It is just enough to understand how the game works, and you can figure it out in the process. Classic games do not have complicated plots – just reels and symbols.

All the player needs to do is start the reels with the Start or Play button. The great thing about all slot machines is that there always is the about section, where you can read the official description of the game from the developer. The machines, especially the popular ones, come in several language variations, making them even easier to understand and even more popular among non-English speaking players. Several functions are also available such as bet amount selection, automatic play, etc. The name of each feature has an intuitive meaning.

If to compare the classic slots with modern ones in terms of this parameter (number of features), it turns out that to be much more extensive in the new games. There will be at least some parameters that you will need to read about to understand what is happening on the playing field. This is not the case with the classics. As a rule, there is only one additional feature – a round of free spins. The principle of getting to it and using it is almost always the same – you need to collect 3 bonus symbols to get 10-15 free spins. Usually, you can get extra spins if you catch another prize combination in the bonus round. The second most common addition is the card round.

How to win in the classic slots

Many more experienced players probably know that classic games can bring a lot more than the new ones. Of course, there will always be exceptions. Some of the modern games are also often enough to satisfy even the thirstiest players. However, it is common to run the classic slots if you want to try your luck for big winnings. In the Payout Table or the Help section of all games, you can see the “Maximum winnings” item.

As a rule, the maximums are more interesting in the classic machines. An example of an exception would be one of the popular new Money Train slots, which currently holds a record of x50,000. In terms of winnings, the classics differ from modern slots in their multipliers. There’s also the small trick where the player reduces the number of active paylines to one in order to get the high wager bonus. This way, you’ll be able to spend much less from the budget

If to think more globally, the main advantage of the classic games is the big winnings; for modern games – much better image quality and an unusual story / gameplay. Of course, there is always a chance that a newer game will bring a lot more to the table than a classic. However, we should understand that the player’s success mostly depends on luck, so it’s always best to opt for things you enjoy most

An example of a classic slot machine

  • Book of Ra. A very popular product from the Novomatic software studio in Austria. The theme of the game is ancient Egypt. The main advantage of the game is the bonus round, which requires catching 3 books in one spin. For this, the user will get 10 free spins in return. Another feature is that before starting the bonus round, a randomly selected symbol will appear and whenever it will all other symbols on the reel will become the same.
Book of Ra classic casino game
  • Crazy Monkey. Slot machine from Russian developer Igrosoft, which has been in operation since ’99. This game was often used in real casinos. The game has become so recognizable worldwide due to the bonus round, where the player as a macaque is asked to pull the ropes. If you’re lucky, a banana will come out and you will be rewarded. If all the ropes bring out a banana, a super game will start where you will be able to hit the jackpot. There’s also a doubling game where any winnings can be doubled if you will get a card stronger than the dealer’s.
Crazy Monkey classic slot machine from Igrosoft
  • Book of Aztec. A game by Amatic studio. Slot with a theme of ancient peoples, namely the Aztecs.  Like almost any other classic, this game is famous for large multipliers, but that’s not all. There’s a bonus game similar to the one in the Book of Ra. Before proceeding to the 10 free-games prizes round, the player will be asked to randomly select an expanding symbol.
Book of Aztec slot machine classic game
  • Fruit Cocktail. Another top game by the Igrosoft. From the name you can guess that the theme is fruit. The game also has a sequel in the form of a second part. The interface is fully consistent with other games from this provider, but the bonus round is quite different. To get the bonus, you need to collect 3 to 5 strawberries on the reels in one spin. The player will get 1, 2 or 3 bonus games, depending on the number of bonus symbols. There will be a reel of 3 symbols on the playing field. The game will run until the selector points to “Exit”. The idea is to collect symbols on the bonus reel. A cherry will only bring x2, while the top symbol will let the player win x100 times more of his / her bet.

Who should play the classics games?

First and foremost, the classics can be recommended to people who think that “it all used to be better”. If you don’t like modern games with “fancy” graphics and your only goal is to win, then it’s an obvious choice for you.

Beginners are also advised to start with classic games. At least because such games are as easy to understand as possible. The player does not have to learn the game rules for a long time – just run it, select your bet and start the first spin. Even though any slot game has a “Paytable” section, it is sometimes difficult to understand everything even in the new games 

Some may say that the classic slot machines are a relic of the past, but everyone can have their own opinion, which is backed by something. If you have never tried playing Crazy Money or Book of Ra, how can you be so sure that you do not like these games? It is always better to make decisions based on personal experience. Perhaps it’s slots like these that will give you all the things you’ll be crazy about!

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