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Name’s Alex. Let me introduce myself and this website.


From a very early age, I was interested in various board games. As I was getting older, I became interested in poker, which eventually made me an experienced player. To be honest, I used to play poker for a living for quite a long time. The problem is that I’m by nature the kind of person who gets bored of everything quickly. Unfortunately, poker was no exception.

Something Needs To Change

I played for five years but eventually lost interest in it. For a while, I was not involved in gambling in any way, but time has passed. Since I didn’t want to go back to poker as much as possible, I decided to try something new. It is when I discovered slot games. Poker is the exact opposite of it, but perhaps that’s the reason why I got interested in them. I like the variety as there are several thousand slots to choose from, and many of them can be a lot of fun.

What’s On A Plate

Initially, I thought gambling was some kind of fun for kids, even though children are not allowed to play in casinos. As soon as I tried, I got an appetite for it. I started to really enjoy the process. The good thing about playing slots is that you don’t have to strain a single muscle, which I can’t say about poker. Poker was probably not a game to me, but a job, which soon became a chore that made me sick.

My Next Steps

After 2 years of playing slots regularly, I realised that I wanted to spread the word about the opportunity of having fun and winning to other people who might be missing out. I gathered a team of like-minded people, and together we decided to create a website about quality casinos and slots. It is important to note that my goal was to do everything legally, that is, to tell only about those casinos that operate legally.

What’s Important To Me

Making money is far from being a priority for me now. The main reason for this decision is my and my friends` interest in the subject of gambling. Of course, such entertainment’s reputation is not the best, but it is important to approach such activities with a cold mind. I think promoting legitimate online casinos is a good thing, considering that roughly 90 percent of all players in Australia play online illegally, and usually being unaware of it. Another motivation for me is to promote legitimate online casinos so that fewer people waste their time and their money on casinos with poor service and outright cheating.

Take It Seriously

Many people say that gambling is bad, it’s cheating, it’s a pit. I think any other business can become all of these things if not take it seriously. First and foremost, online casinos and slots should be your entertainment, not a solution to your financial problems. If you have financial problems, it is better to get a job. If you are bored or want to try your luck, then you are welcome. The main thing is to play at trusted casinos. Want some practical advice on how to find such casinos? Our website AussieLegitCasinos will help you find reviews of legal online casinos and slots, as well as news and tutorials. In other words, you’ll find a lot of interesting and useful information on this portal if you’re into the subject.


First of all, the player must be of legal age. If you meet this requirement, then feel free to choose one of the presented trusted casinos, from our casino reviews, register, and get the bonus. It is crucial to play only free versions of games, where losing will not affect your offline life in any way. Never go into debt to gamble, which is exactly what I would call a pit. Play only for the fun of it. Let winnings be a nice addition if you win, but never let it make you obsessed with it. For beginners, I recommend that you first familiarise yourself with the basics of playing responsibly.

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